Alexander Westwood


Alexander Westwood is a young, up and coming actor with experience in stage, screen and presenting a-plenty. From his appearances in various adverts and television series it was clear that this young man was a natural talent waiting to be showcased in the right role. Alexander’s training includes studying at drama school, notably Midlands Academy of Musical Theatre as well as working with various talented individuals within the industry. He first found presenting talent working on the children’s show “Sensations”, created by University Students. His other credits include a wide range of acclaimed performances, from stage to screen. Notable performances include Adam in “Unstable”, Ashley in “Gender: Ashley’s Story” and of course his rendition of Chris Keller in Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons” with one reviewer noting that it was ‘An outstanding production... It was hard to take my eyes off Alexander Westwood who played Chris brilliantly. Alexander aspires to eventually portray the lead role of ‘The Doctor’ in the long running, hit BBC TV series “Doctor Who.

Alexander Westwood

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